Why Donate to The Melbourne FoundationThe Melbourne Foundation was established to give educational opportunities to highly talented students who have not had the opportunities of other students due to lack of financial resources. We believe that providing educational opportunities provides long term benefits to not only the students but also to the broader community.

We believe there are three core reasons why you should donate to The Melbourne Foundation:

1. The performance of our past scholars has demonstrated that we have a track record of selecting outstanding, highly intelligent students

2. Unlike the majority of scholarships for private schools, our scholarships are means tested ensuring only those who truly need the financial support can access our program

3. We have a unique selection process for selecting our scholars. We do not conduct academic tests of our students; instead we conduct aptitude testing. We believe that some students may have not had access to the same quality of education as others and that aptitude testing strips out this effect to give a true indication of a student’s intellectual potential. As well as testing, we also conduct interviews with both the candidates and the families to ensure that each recipient has the proper support, personality and tools to thrive in their new schooling environment